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Itchy & Scratchy & Removing A Bug

Posted on August 23, 2018 by Angie

The temptation to take liberties with two famous cartoon network characters was just so strong. But in spite of having to swat bed bugs all night, the temptation was resisted. Nevertheless, what can be said at this time is that this is a reference to a household pet simply trying its best to rid the house of its pest. And the pest, of course is that other character of dubious reputation. And what is it about these cartoon guys.

They always make the poor household pet out to be the villain. When you know what, not who, the real villain is. Bed bugs, of course, are villains too. And so are ticks. Just ask your poor domestic pet about that one. In the meantime, while Itchy – oops, shouldn’t have said that – is scratching its life away, you’re busy tossing and turning on account of those rotten bedbugs. What’s to be done about this?

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You ask? A bed bug removal new market md guy is who, not what. He’s the guy you need to call right now. Well, not this very minute, now now, just as soon as you’ve finished reading this story. It would dent the pride of the online writer if you did. And it would give this writer’s sense of achievement a huge boost if you did. If you dialed up the bed bug guy is what. But hey, guess what. This guy is more than just about stamping out bugs and ticks.

He’s got bait for those rotten roaches too. Vile creatures they are; you have to agree. Not only are they disgusting, they look disgusting too. And to think that there was this guy who said that these were clean creatures? Come on! Just zap the critters already.