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Security Significance For Rural Areas When Automatic Gates Utilized

Posted on February 19, 2018 by Angie

As if ongoing droughts and climate change were not enough for the beleaguered farmer who has kept the business going for generations, he still has to counter the effects of crime. Even if he is stationed near counties with an optimum or specialized law enforcement agency close to hand, he is still something of a lone ranger for a short time when having to counter the effects of stock theft or forceful break-ins on his property.

automatic gates for farms

Miles out of town, it could feel like a lifetime before the law enforcement agency officers finally arrive. And by that time, rustlers and commercial burglars could be long gone. To slow these uncaring men in their tracks, better still, prevent them from even encroaching on privately owned rural smallholdings and agricultural land, automatic gates for farms need to be given serious consideration, if not done before.

Not only that, but more thought needs to go into perimeter fencing and fencing used for creating dividing lines across commercial agricultural lands. That perimeter fencing and gates across the land is already in place is never up for debate. It is just that these gates and fences now need to be fully automated and mechanized. Automatic gates’ opening and closing remain in the hands of the farm owner or manager, or those entrusted with these duties.

The same goes for border patrols along the property’s perimeters. This can be safely done. Unfortunately, it is still necessary for the patrolling staff to be armed at all times, but at least with high electric fencing in place, their work is half done, and it is a lot safer too. Fences can still be cut by would-be intruders, but with the right materials used to build the gate, hacking through an automatic gate becomes a non-option.