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What Makes Horses Wish They Could Jump More?

Posted on January 11, 2018 by Angie

Horses are majestic creatures, aren’t they? If you were a little too focused on agricultural or commercial matters, perhaps you would not have noticed this too much. And the poor ponies are just as embroiled in hard labor. Those attractive looking ponies strolling through the iconic city parks would not have noticed the sporting gestures much either. These are your romantic ponies that care nothing more than to see two star-struck lovers on their carts.

They are not called Arabian knights for nothing. You have to see those stallions gallop at great speeds. And let us not forget the colts of what is left of the prairies. Over the years, these brilliant horses have been groomed and toned down quite considerably. Today, there are those well-groomed and fine looking horses who love nothing more than negotiating yet another set of horse jump poles over another fine weekend.

horse jump poles

But it has been said by some of the finest critics of the sport of show jumping that many of these horses are, sadly, just not cutting it. Strenuous work has been done to rectify it and, slowly but surely, it seems to pay off for the horse owner. The horse wins another show-jumping event and is allowed to be paraded around the grounds, showing off its ribbons or medal before being brusquely ushered to its cart.

And before you know it, no matter how many hours the poor horse was driven into practice, its back to square one. The jumps are being clipped or missed completely. It is a matter of safety for the horses. They seem to fear the plastic, non-sustainable poles and cups. Guidance sought in this area, the recommendation is to utilize wooden horse jump poles instead.